What To Do When Your Roomba App Is Not Working In 2023


Roomba has been a game-changer when it comes to home cleaning. With the Roomba app, users can control their Roomba robot vacuum from their smartphones. However, nothing can be more frustrating than trying to use the app and finding out that it’s not working. In this article, we will discuss what to do when your Roomba app is not working in 2023.

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you should do when your Roomba app is not working is to check your internet connection. Without a stable internet connection, the app won’t be able to communicate with your Roomba robot vacuum. Make sure that your Wi-Fi is working correctly and that you have a strong signal. If your internet connection is weak, try moving closer to your router or resetting your modem.

Update Your Roomba App

If your Roomba app is not working, it could be because you have an outdated version. Check the App Store or Google Play Store for any available updates. Updating your app can solve most issues and improve its performance.

Restart Your Roomba Robot Vacuum

If your Roomba app is still not working, try restarting your Roomba robot vacuum. To do this, press and hold the “Clean” button on the robot for 10 seconds until it turns off. Then, turn it back on and try using the app again.

Reset Your Roomba App

If restarting your Roomba robot vacuum doesn’t work, try resetting your Roomba app. To do this, go to your smartphone’s settings, find the Roomba app, and select “Clear Data.” This will erase all data and settings for the app, so make sure to back up any important information before doing this.

Check Your Roomba Robot Vacuum’s Battery

If your Roomba app is still not working, check your Roomba robot vacuum’s battery. A low battery can cause connectivity issues between the app and the robot. Make sure that your robot is fully charged before trying to use the app again.

Check Your Roomba Robot Vacuum’s Software

If your Roomba app is not working, it could be because of a software issue. Check the software version of your Roomba robot vacuum and compare it to the latest available version on the iRobot website. If your software is outdated, update it to the latest version.

Check Your Roomba Robot Vacuum’s Compatibility

If you recently updated your smartphone’s operating system, your Roomba app may not be compatible anymore. Check the Roomba app’s compatibility with your smartphone’s operating system and make sure that they are compatible. If not, you may need to use a different device or wait for a new app update.

Contact Roomba Support

If none of the above solutions worked, contact Roomba support. They can help you troubleshoot the issue and provide you with additional solutions. You can contact Roomba support through their website or by phone.


The Roomba app is an essential tool for controlling your Roomba robot vacuum. If it’s not working, it can be frustrating. However, by following the above steps, you can get your app up and running in no time. Remember to check your internet connection, update your app, restart and reset your robot vacuum, check the battery, software, and compatibility, and contact Roomba support if all else fails. With these solutions, you can enjoy your Roomba robot vacuum once again.

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