Remove Grain In Premiere Pro 2021: The Ultimate Guide


Are you tired of grainy footage ruining the quality of your videos? Look no further than Adobe Premiere Pro 2021. With its powerful tools and advanced features, you can easily remove grain from your footage and achieve a professional look.

What is Grain?

Grain is the random pattern of tiny specks that appear in your video footage. It’s caused by low light, high ISO, or a low-quality camera. Grain can be distracting and make your video look unprofessional.

Why Remove Grain?

Removing grain can improve the overall quality of your video. It can also make your footage look cleaner and more professional. By removing grain, you can enhance the focus and clarity of your subject, making it easier for your audience to engage with your video.

How to Remove Grain in Premiere Pro 2021

There are several ways to remove grain in Premiere Pro 2021, including:

1. Using the Denoiser Effect

The Denoiser Effect is a powerful tool that can quickly remove grain from your footage. To use it, simply drag and drop the effect onto your clip, adjust the settings, and preview the results.

2. Using the Neat Video Plugin

The Neat Video Plugin is a third-party plugin that can remove grain with impressive accuracy. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze your footage and remove grain while preserving the quality of your footage.

3. Using the Lumetri Color Panel

The Lumetri Color Panel includes a noise reduction tool that can reduce grain in your footage. It’s a simple and effective way to remove grain without having to use a separate plugin or effect.

Tips for Removing Grain

Here are some tips to keep in mind when removing grain from your footage:

1. Use Minimal Settings

When applying a denoiser effect or plugin, use minimal settings to avoid over-processing your footage. Too much noise reduction can result in a loss of detail and a plastic look.

2. Preview Your Results

Always preview your results before finalizing your edit. This will help you catch any artifacts or distortion that may have been introduced by the noise reduction process.

3. Use Multiple Techniques

Don’t be afraid to use multiple techniques to remove grain from your footage. Combining the Lumetri Color Panel with a denoiser effect can yield impressive results.


In conclusion, removing grain from your footage is an essential step in achieving a professional look. With the powerful tools and features of Premiere Pro 2021, you can easily remove grain and enhance the quality of your videos. Just remember to use minimal settings, preview your results, and experiment with different techniques to find the best approach for your footage.

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