Ps4 Keeps Disconnecting: Causes And Solutions


Are you tired of your PS4 constantly disconnecting from the internet? It can be frustrating to have your gaming experience interrupted by connectivity issues. In this article, we will discuss the possible causes of your PS4 disconnecting and provide solutions to fix the problem.

Causes of PS4 Disconnecting

1. Network Issues

The most common cause of PS4 disconnection is network issues. This can be due to poor Wi-Fi signal or interference from other devices. Make sure your PS4 is in a clear line of sight to your router and that there are no other devices interfering with the signal.

2. Firmware Update

If your PS4 is not updated, it can cause connectivity issues. Make sure your PS4 is updated to the latest firmware version to avoid any issues related to outdated software.

3. DNS Issues

Incorrect DNS settings can cause your PS4 to disconnect from the internet. To fix this issue, go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection and select Custom. Then, change the DNS settings to Google’s DNS ( and

4. Wired Connection

If you are using a wired connection, make sure your Ethernet cable is properly connected to your PS4 and router. A loose connection can cause your PS4 to disconnect frequently.

Solutions to Fix PS4 Disconnecting

1. Move Your PS4 Closer to the Router

If you are using Wi-Fi, move your PS4 closer to the router to improve the signal strength. This will reduce the chances of disconnection due to poor signal strength.

2. Restart Your Router and PS4

Restarting your router and PS4 can help fix connectivity issues. Turn off both devices, wait for a few seconds, and then turn them back on. This can help clear any temporary network issues.

3. Disable Other Devices

If you have other devices connected to your network, try disabling them temporarily to see if it fixes the issue. Sometimes, interference from other devices can cause connectivity issues with your PS4.

4. Contact Your ISP

If none of the above solutions work, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if there are any issues with your internet connection. They may be able to provide additional support to help fix the problem.


Overall, PS4 disconnecting issues can be frustrating, but there are several solutions to fix the problem. Make sure to check for network issues, update your firmware, and check your DNS settings. If none of the solutions work, try moving your PS4 closer to the router, restarting your devices, or contacting your ISP for additional support.

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