Open Gapps Insufficient Storage Space Available

Open Gapps Insufficient Storage Space Available

Insufficient Storage Space Available on Open GApps

Imagine this: You’re about to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and your camera roll is filled with precious memories. But as you try to snap one last photo, your phone greets you with a dreaded notification: “Insufficient storage space available.” Panic sets in as you frantically search for a way to free up space on your device. If this scenario sounds familiar, you’ve likely encountered the common issue of insufficient storage on Open GApps.

Open GApps is a custom ROM that provides users with access to the Google Play Store and other Google services on non-Google certified devices. While it offers a wealth of benefits, it can also come with the drawback of limited storage space, as Open GApps itself takes up a significant portion of the device’s memory.

Causes of Insufficient Storage Space

Several factors can contribute to insufficient storage space on Open GApps devices:

  • App and Media Storage: Installed apps, photos, videos, and other media files take up a large amount of storage space, especially if you’re a heavy user.
  • Open GApps Package Size: Open GApps packages vary in size, with some occupying several gigabytes of storage.
  • System Updates: Over-the-air system updates for Open GApps can also consume a considerable amount of storage space.

Tips to Free Up Storage Space

Don’t let insufficient storage space ruin your mobile experience. Here are some effective tips to help you free up space on your Open GApps device:

  • Uninstall Unused Apps: Go through your installed apps and remove any that you don’t use anymore. This can save you a significant amount of space.
  • Move Files to External Storage: If your device supports expandable storage, consider moving large files, such as photos, videos, and music, to an external SD card.
  • Use Cloud Storage Services: Back up your photos, videos, and other important files to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. This will free up space on your device and ensure your files are safe and accessible from anywhere.
  • Clear App Cache: Over time, apps can accumulate a lot of cache data. Clearing the cache can help free up some space without affecting the functionality of the app.
  • Factory Reset: As a last resort, you can consider performing a factory reset on your device. This will wipe all your data and settings, so be sure to back up any important files before proceeding.

Expert Advice

In addition to the tips above, here’s some expert advice to help you optimize your storage space on Open GApps devices:

  • Choose the Right GApps Package: When installing Open GApps, choose a package that only includes the services you need. This can help reduce the overall size of the installation.
  • Use Lightweight Apps: When possible, opt for lightweight app alternatives that consume less storage space.
  • Use a Storage Analyzer App: There are several apps available on the Play Store that can help you analyze storage usage and identify files that can be deleted.


Q: Why do I have insufficient storage space on Open GApps, even after following the tips?

A: Some devices may have limited storage capacity to begin with. Additionally, certain Open GApps packages may be larger than others, so choosing the right package for your device is crucial.

Q: Can I move Open GApps to an external SD card?

A: No, Open GApps cannot be moved to an external SD card.

Q: Will a factory reset delete Open GApps?

A: Yes, a factory reset will erase all data and settings, including Open GApps.


Insufficient storage space on Open GApps devices can be a frustrating issue, but it can be overcome with the right strategies. By implementing the tips and expert advice outlined in this article, you can free up space and optimize your device’s performance. If you’re interested in exploring the topic of Open GApps storage management further, feel free to reach out to our community of experts for assistance.

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