Hugh Freeze Wife: Everything You Need To Know


Hugh Freeze is a well-known college football coach, but his personal life has also been in the spotlight due to his marriage to his wife. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Hugh Freeze’s wife, including her background, their relationship, and any controversies surrounding it.

Who is Hugh Freeze’s Wife?

Hugh Freeze’s wife is named Jill Freeze. She was born and raised in Senatobia, Mississippi, and attended the University of Mississippi, where she earned a degree in education. After college, she worked as a teacher before eventually becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Their Relationship

Hugh and Jill Freeze met while they were both attending the University of Mississippi. They started dating in college and eventually got married in 1992. They have three children together: Ragan, Jordan, and Madison.


There have been some controversies surrounding Hugh and Jill Freeze’s marriage. In 2017, Hugh was fired from his position as head football coach at the University of Mississippi due to a scandal involving phone calls he made to an escort service. It was later revealed that Jill had also used a university-issued phone to call the same escort service.

Response to Controversies

Both Hugh and Jill have publicly apologized for their actions and have expressed a desire to move on from the scandal. They have also stated that their marriage has remained strong throughout the ordeal.

Personal Life

Outside of the controversy surrounding their marriage, Hugh and Jill Freeze are known for their strong Christian faith. They are both active members of their church and have spoken publicly about the importance of their faith in their lives.

Charitable Work

In addition to their religious beliefs, the Freezes are also known for their charitable work. They founded the Freeze Foundation, which provides financial assistance to families in need. They have also been involved with several other charitable organizations.


In conclusion, Jill Freeze is the wife of college football coach Hugh Freeze. While their marriage has been the subject of controversy in the past, they have both expressed a desire to move on from it and focus on their faith and charitable work. We hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of who Jill Freeze is and her relationship with Hugh.

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