How To Make Oak Resin In Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game where players can grow crops, raise animals, and explore the countryside. One of the key resources in the game is Oak Resin, which can be used to make various items like tappers, kegs, and bee houses. In this article, we’ll show you how to make Oak Resin in Stardew Valley.

What is Oak Resin?

Oak Resin is a sticky substance that can be harvested from Oak Trees in Stardew Valley. It takes about 10 days for the Oak Tree to produce the resin, which can then be collected using a Tapper. Oak Resin is used in a variety of crafting recipes, including tappers, kegs, bee houses, and more.

How to Harvest Oak Resin

To harvest Oak Resin, you’ll need to first craft a Tapper. You can do this by using 40 Wood and 2 Copper Bars at the crafting table. Once you have the Tapper, you can place it on an Oak Tree by right-clicking on the tree.

Wait for the Oak Resin to Mature

It takes about 10 days for the Oak Resin to mature and become ready for collection. During this time, you can see the progress by hovering over the Tapper with your mouse. Once the Oak Resin is ready, it will appear as a small bubble on the Tapper.

Collect the Oak Resin

To collect the Oak Resin, simply right-click on the Tapper. It will drop the Oak Resin on the ground, and you can pick it up by walking over it. Each Oak Tree can produce multiple units of Oak Resin, so be sure to check your Tappers regularly.

Uses for Oak Resin

There are many uses for Oak Resin in Stardew Valley. Here are a few:


Tappers are used to collect various types of sap from trees. You can use Oak Resin to craft Tappers for Maple Trees, Pine Trees, and Oak Trees.


Kegs are used to turn fruit into wine, and Oak Resin is needed to craft them. You’ll need 30 Wood, 1 Copper Bar, and 1 Iron Bar to make a Keg.

Bee Houses

Bee Houses are used to produce honey, and Oak Resin is needed to craft them. You’ll need 40 Wood, 8 Coal, and 1 Iron Bar to make a Bee House.

Slime Egg-Press

The Slime Egg-Press is used to turn Slime into Slime Eggs, which can be hatched into Slime pets. Oak Resin is needed to craft the Slime Egg-Press.

Tips for Harvesting Oak Resin

Here are a few tips to help you harvest Oak Resin more efficiently:

Plant More Oak Trees

The more Oak Trees you have, the more Oak Resin you can harvest. Planting more Oak Trees will increase your Oak Resin production.

Check Tappers Regularly

Make sure to check your Tappers regularly to collect Oak Resin as soon as it’s ready. Don’t let it sit for too long, or it will stop producing.

Upgrade Your Tappers

You can upgrade your Tappers to increase their efficiency. The Iron Tapper and Gold Tapper will produce Oak Resin faster than the regular Tapper.


Oak Resin is a useful resource in Stardew Valley, and it’s easy to harvest once you have a Tapper. With a little patience and some planning, you can produce enough Oak Resin to craft all the items you need.

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