How Tall Is Rhea Ripley? The Truth Revealed In 2023


Rhea Ripley is a professional wrestler known for her impressive skills and unique style in the ring. She has been making waves in the wrestling world since her debut in 2013, and fans are always curious to know more about her. One of the most commonly asked questions about Rhea Ripley is how tall she is. In this article, we will explore the truth behind her height and answer this burning question once and for all.

Early Life and Career

Rhea Ripley was born on October 11, 1996, in Adelaide, South Australia. She started her wrestling career at the age of 16, and her talent soon caught the attention of the WWE. In 2017, she signed a contract with the company and was assigned to their developmental territory, NXT.

Rhea Ripley’s Height

So, how tall is Rhea Ripley? The answer is 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm). This puts her in the same height range as other female wrestlers like Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks.

Why Height Matters in Wrestling

Height plays a crucial role in wrestling, especially for female wrestlers. It can affect their ability to perform certain moves and their overall presence in the ring. Being taller can also give a wrestler an advantage over their opponents, as they can use their height to their advantage in the ring. However, height is not the only factor that determines a wrestler’s success. Hard work, talent, and dedication are just as important.

Rhea Ripley’s Wrestling Style

Rhea Ripley is known for her unique wrestling style, which combines power and agility. She is a powerhouse wrestler who can lift and slam her opponents with ease. However, she also has impressive athleticism, which allows her to perform high-flying moves and acrobatics in the ring.

Signature Moves

Rhea Ripley has several signature moves that have become fan favorites. One of her most impressive moves is the Riptide, which is a modified inverted cloverleaf slam. She also uses a variety of suplexes and powerbombs to dominate her opponents in the ring.

In-Ring Persona

Rhea Ripley’s in-ring persona is that of a tough, no-nonsense wrestler who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is often portrayed as a heel (villain) character, but her talent and charisma have earned her a legion of fans.

Rhea Ripley’s Achievements

Rhea Ripley has achieved a lot in her relatively short wrestling career. She has won several championships, including the NXT Women’s Championship, the NXT UK Women’s Championship, and the Raw Women’s Championship. In addition to her wrestling career, she has also made appearances in movies and TV shows, including the 2021 film “The Suicide Squad.”

Future Prospects

The future looks bright for Rhea Ripley, as she continues to dominate the wrestling world. Fans can expect to see her in more high-profile matches and storylines in the coming years, as she cements her place as one of the top female wrestlers in the world.


Rhea Ripley is undoubtedly one of the most exciting wrestlers in the world today. Her unique style and impressive skills have earned her a legion of fans, and her height is just one of the many factors that make her stand out in the ring. While height does play a role in wrestling, it is not the only factor that determines a wrestler’s success. Hard work, talent, and dedication are just as important, and Rhea Ripley has all of these qualities in abundance. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this talented wrestler.

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